Departments Departments

  • Head: Prof. Seid Zia-o-din Shafaei
  • Lab Expert: Eng. Minoo Ghanbarzad Dashti


  • Elemental Analysis with Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (for elements: Fe, Pb, Zn, Co, Ca, Na, K, Li, Cu, … ).
  • Measurements of Calcium , Magnesium , Chromium , Iron oxides by Titration Method
  • Measuring the Concentration of Iron, Aluminum , Phosphorus and Silica & Titan with UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (Reports in Oxides Forms)
  • Measurements of Sulfur by Gravimetric Method
  • Measurements of coal Ash
  • Powdering samples less than 75 micrometer for chemical analysis , XRF & XRD By Planetary Ball Mill