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Deputy of  Graduate Studies : Dr. Al Moradzadeh

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Deputy of graduate studies missions and objectives for both PhD and MSc

  1. To monitor accurate implementation of educational rules and regulations
  2. To monitor accurate implementation of curriculum legislated by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
  3. To plan affairs for educational and graduate studies in partnership with relevant unit and to monitor the duties of the dependent unit, programs fulfillment, educational activities for students, faculty members and educational managers in all study fields during a specific semester
  4. To monitor evaluation and revision of the curriculum in order to refresh them and also to monitor the effectiveness of the faculty members
  5. To manage the council of graduate studies meetings
  6. To monitor formulation and implementation of the class schedules and the final exams during each semester
  7. To fulfill obligatory correspondences either in or out of the department
  8. To implement policies of educational and graduate studies deputy
  9. To monitor regular meetings of all the fields of studies
  10. To present suggestions and implement schemes in order to improve the quality of the thesis based on decides made by graduate studies council either in the department or the faculty of engineering
  11. To monitor the interview meetings of all the PhD volunteers regularly
  12. To create new study fields harmonized with industry when needed