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Deputy of Research and Graduate Studies : Dr. Akbar Farzanegan

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Deputy of research missions and objectives:

  1. To implement legislated research rules and regulations
  2. To prepare the research policies of the department and present them to chairmanship
  3. To monitor research activities conducted by the department professors and students
  4. To encourage the department professors in order to compile, translate and write specialized books and papers
  5. To monitor seminars and scientific gatherings implementation  
  6. To check the department professors' requests about either scholarships or research opportunities or short courses
  7. To check, estimate and provide all the needed sources for the department such as equipment for laboratories
  8. To announce circulars and research instructions to the department professors
  9. To monitor faculty members and students in order to participate in either national or international conferences
  10. To monitor faculty members and PhD students in order to have national or international research opportunity
  11. To manage and monitor research meetings in the department