Head: Dr. Mahdi Mousavi

Lab Expert: Eng. Mohammad Ebdali

Several sections which include rock mechanics laboratory occupies 350 square meters area and is one of the most complete rock mechanics labs in this field in Iran. Unique facilities in this lab make it possible to perform an outstanding performance in different research programs and to offer different services to different projects. This lab is also responsible for training students studying in this field in under graduate and postgraduate levels and to complete their thesis using these facilities.

Main facilities and instruments:

  • R igid servo control press 450 tones capacity (MTS)
  • Coring facilities capable of taking samples from 54-200mm diameter (Persanco)
  • Rock cutting saw
  • Data acquisition system
  • Scale 20 kg capacity 1 gr accuracy
  • Scale 5 kg capacity 0.01 gr accuracy
  • Oven 300 degrees capacity
  • Hydraulic jacks (Enerpac) from 60-250 tones capacity
  • Hydraulic pumps 10000 psi capacity
  • Loading frames for testing samples in it
  • Triaxial Hoek cells to hold samples as big as 200mm in diameter
  • Ability to pull rock bolts and test those
  • Schmidt hammer
  • Wide varieties of instruments for measuring load and displacement of the samples during test
  • General facilities such as compressors and welding machines and various gauges
  • Coring and Cutting
  • Index Tests
  • Uniaxial Compressive Test and Young's Modulus
  • Triaxial Compressive Test
  • Point Load Strength Test
  • Slake-Durability Index
  • Schmidt Hammer Test
  • Equipment catalog :
Fracture Toughness and Bend Creep Coring and Index 3Axial
Surface Scanner1 Shear Rock heat conductivity Point Load & Schmitt hammer
Vp Vs1 UCS Tension & Brazilian1 Swelling and contact angle 1
Compressibility factor 1