Head: Prof. Mohammad Noaparast

Lab Expert: M.Hosseini

  • Three steps crushing by crushers (dimension from 10-20 cm to 2-3 mm)
  • Homogenization and Preparation of representative samples by riffles
  • Implementation of size classification
  • Preparation Head sample for chemical Analysis and MineralogylDetermination of bulk density and specific gravity
  • Determination gird-ability indexes such as Hardgrove and Bond Work Index
  • Determination optimized grinding time by rod/ball Mill
  • Milling (dimension from 2-3 mm to 20 µm
  • lImplementation of concentration tests with respect to type of valuable mineral and gangue(waste minerals) which it could include some parts or all of the following methods:
  • Gravity Separation: Shaking table, Multi gravity Separator (MGS), Spiral, Jig Machine, Heavy liquid/media separation
  • Magnetic Separation: dry and wet magnetic separation (low and high Magnetic field intensity)
  • Electrostatic Separation: Electric separator for separation of mineral by corona discharge
  • Leaching: includes Agitating, Vat and heap leaching including bottle roll tests for recognition
  • Bio-Leaching: by application of different bacteria (TT, TF and so on)
  • Dewatering by pressure filter and etc.
  • De-sliming by hydro-cyclone
  • Study and design of Thickener size by means of mud level (settlement) tests studies and so on.
  • Calcination and Roasting