- Fri, 29 Sep 2023


 Ali Moradzadeh
Contact Number: 82084565
 Room: 1st floor


Tasks and Objectives of the Dean of Education and Graduate Studies

The most important tasks of the Mining Engineering department deputy are as below:

  1. To prepare and put effort into promoting undergraduate students academic achievement
  2. To hold the department educational council meetings
  3. To monitor the implementation of the undergraduate education system based on the existing rules and regulations
  4. To plan, organize, monitor and control the final exams
  5. To endeavor to refresh the training activities
  6. To monitor the classes continuously
  7. To design and approve undergraduate thesis
  8. To monitor undergraduate scores recording on final exams
  9. To offer required educational proposals to chairmanship, specialized committees of the mining engineering department and also the faculty of engineering educational deputy
  10. To suggest new courses and cooperate in the textbooks and the curriculums revision
  11. To record, evaluate and respond to educational requests of students
  12. To plan, implement and monitor undergraduate credit selection, add and remove or compulsive elimination
  13. To fulfill graduation affairs for undergraduate students
  14. To arrange and implement undergraduate classes schedule