School of Mining Engineering




School of Mining Engineering with more than 80 years of experience in teaching and research of mining engineering have delivered over hundreds expert engineers both nationally and internationally whom they have played an important role in the Iran mining industry and consequently in economy.
  • 1851: Training of mining by new methods at the Dar-ol-fonon school.
  • 1934: Establishment of University of Tehran and creation of mining engineering as one of the first majors at the college of engineering.
  • 1938: Birthday of mining engineering in Iran by graduation of the first group of mining students .
  • 1967-1963: Mining major was dependent to the department of mining, geology and oil.
  • 1967: Changing the name to "Department of Mining and Smelting".
  • 1971: separation of mining engineering from metallurgical engineering department and activity as "Department of Mining Engineering".
  • 2005: Promotion from department of mining engineering to "School of Mining Engineering".